Pack it Up, Pack it In

It’s about 20 hours until my plane leaves Nashville. I’m basically ready to go. I have to fold some clothes and stick them in my suitcase, but that’s nothing.

We meet at the airport tomorrow at 4am and our flight takes off at 6. I would love some prayers – for my health (which has been so so very much better), for the team to work together well, for these 10 teenagers to have a really cool experience, that the work we do while we’re there will be insanely helpful, and most of all – that the Haitians we’re working with understand why we’re there.

Of course, there will be 50,000 pictures when I get home. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to update while I’m gone, probably nothing on the blog. But check me out on twitter @stephhagen for quick updates and lots of cell phone pictures.

Here we go!


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