Emergency Room

So this one time, I had some pretty rough pain in my abdomen for 4 days and it fit the description of appendicitis. And I went to the doctor and he was like, “yeah, you have appendicitis. You should go to the ER and get that taken care of.”

So I prepared myself for the first surgery I’d ever had, and waited to be taken in. And then 6 hours later (not exaggerating) the ER doctor told me I did NOT have appendicitis and I could go home. After an IV and a CT scan and lots of sitting around watching NBC sitcoms and after all my HSA money was spent, I’d imagine. I had never had a CT before. That dye stuff is weird, huh? I thought I was going to choke to death. I didn’t! Hooray!

So I’ve still got this weird pain thing in my belly sometimes. Right about where the appendix is, it seems. But I don’t have appendictis. And I don’t have any cysts. And I didn’t have to have surgery less than a week before I spend some time in a 4th world country. Yay! He offered pain medication if I want it (which I most likely won’t take – I hate the way pain pills make me feel) and suggested I call my doctor again early next week if the pain doesn’t go away. I’m also going to try out a clear liquid diet for 24 hours and see if that helps any. Thankfully black coffee counts as a clear liquid, because I’m worn out. Way way worn out.

Thanks for the prayers and all the sweet words of encouragement, friends! I’m healthyish and ready to go play in Haiti.


4 thoughts on “Emergency Room

  1. I know I don’t know you other than thru twitter but I’m glad you got yourself seen about. This exact same thing happened to me this spring and it’s really terrifying, isn’t it?? Mine went away (for the most part) with two different kinds of holy cow antibiotics but I was thisclose to having surgery too. Luckily the guy who did the ultrasound – the first step for me – said “If I can press on the right side of your belly and you don’t scream in agony, you don’t have appendicitis.” Nonetheless a surgeon was consulted. Please take care of yourself while you are away in beautiful Haiti!

  2. O my word, Steph! So sorry to hear about all this, but so glad that it didn’t require major surgery before your Haiti trip! Love you and praying for you!

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