Feet and Fate

It’s Random Friday Blog Post Day! Your favorite, right?

-I post a lot of Instagram pictures of my shoes. Though I really like shoes, I realized most people are like, “seriously, Steph? another picture of your feet? no one cares.” So sorry, if you’re one of those people. But look at these! 75% off, sucka! The caption for this photo was, “These shoes make me want to break out in some sort of jazz routine.”

And these supersweet little red shoes that I got for $3 at Goodwill. Basically, I win at shopping.

– Yesterday I showed you two pictures of couches that I loved. And then a friend commented that there was a red couch I may be interested in on Craigslist. So I checked Craigslist and YOU GUYS! I found two couches that are almost exactly the same as the two couches I posted yesterday. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? One was $200 and needed reupholstered, so it was out of the question. And the other was $75 and just needed to be cleaned. SEVENTYFIVEDOLLARS! Um. I can actually afford that. So tonight Dave and I are going to look at a green velvet couch and hopefully bring it home and love it for the rest of its life. So that’s fate, right?

Me, “Hey, universe. I like these two couches. Aren’t they cute?”

Universe, “Ok. Here they are.”


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