I Want to Go to There

I like to make grand plans for home decor that don’t really work out, for whatever reason. Mainly budget or laziness. This is my inspiration lately for the home I wish I was living in: a vintage feel, eclectic, and sort of grownup (as sad as it is for me to say) for the most part. And loads of natural light would be nice. I LOVE the house we’re in. It’s the perfect size for us, it’s in great shape, and it’s pretty cute. But it doesn’t have a ton of light. Or quirky character. But that’s ok; it’s within walking distance to my very best friends. So who cares about the rest, right?

(from me to you via pinterest)

(no original source found, pic via pinterest)

These bright couches are calling my name in a serious way. Like, they’re even saying my middle name. It’s that serious.

(design sponge)

This photo has me on the thrift hunt for some old paint by numbers. Or maybe I’ll have to try to make one of my own.

We have plans (yeah, again) to paint our bedroom (finally) this weekend. It’s a deep dark red right now, which I haven’t loved since we moved in. This whole “I’m seriously going to paint this bedroom this weekend” thing has lasted over 2 years. So I will most definitely be relieved when it’s over. Gray is the plan. Pictures will happen when painting happens.


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