Big Man on Campus

So this one time, Dave and I went in to Lowe’s together to pick something up. He was working there at the time, and had stopped to chat with several people while we were walking around the store. And then we got to the check-out line and this lady went ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about how much “everybody loves Dave!” and “he is soooo nice” and “you’re really lucky” and at first it was really sweet and cute. And then toward the 8 minute mark I was like, ok, this is getting weird now. I mean, he’s my husband. I know he’s awesome. If I didn’t know this, I wouldn’t have married him. Plus, dude, clearly you are in love with him; do you really want to tell me this?

Anyway, last night we had to run to Lowe’s to pick something up for Dave’s current boss. Dave doesn’t work there anymore, but because he used to work there, he gets to run all construction, plumbing, etc. related errands for his current boss. Which is fine by me, because I like Lowe’s. Before we even got into the store, several people were like, “DAVE! Hey man! How’s it going!?” Really super excited to see him. When we got inside it was more of the same. “Well hey! What are you doing here?! Good to see ya, man!”

Is it weird that I’m so proud of that?


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