You’re Going to Want In On This

My ridiculously talented photographer friend, Lillian, also happens to be a very generous friend. Because she is every type of awesome, she has offered to do a raffle to help me raise money for my very quickly upcoming trip to Haiti. I raised a lot right at the beginning because YOU PEOPLE ARE NICE, so I’m over halfway to my goal.

What doesn’t get covered by you nice folks, gets covered by Dave and I. We love Haiti. We don’t mind spending some money on Haiti-related things. In fact, it is one of our very favorite things to spend money on. But also it would be nice to recoup some of what I’ll be loosing due to unpaid vacation days and travel expenses, etc.

With that being said, I would love a little help. And I know that some of you are insanely generous and you love to give money to things like mission trips. We make a good team, you and I.

So here’s the thing: if you donate $20, I’ll put your name in a drawing to win a $300 photo package from Lillian B Photography. YOU GUYS. THIS IS AWESOME. If you donate more than $20, I’ll put your name in the raffle for each $20 you give. So, you give $60, you get your name entered 3 times. Math!

And here’s the other thing: I know a ton of you readers are out-of-towners. (Missouri mostly) And I understand that winning a photography package from a photographer in Nashville isn’t exactly convenient. I get it. I really do. So, if you win the photo package raffle and you’re able to come visit Nashville, I’ll be your Nashville host for your quick little getaway. You’ll get a primo-tour of our fine little city. Flea market, if you want, Honkey Tonks, live music, studio tours, farmers market, $1 movie theater… whatever sounds fun to you. And if you’re not a scary stalker person, I’ll even let you stay at my house and eat homemade guacamole. AAAAAND, because I LOVE TO GIVE THINGS AWAY! You’ll get a sweet gift package from me (including a free custom painting) and some wardrobe styling help (if you want it) for your fancy schmancy photo shoot.

So, basically what I’m telling you is that you’re going to want to get in on this. You can donate using the Paypal link on the page called “Send Steph to Haiti” above. Let me know if you’ve got any questions! Go forth and donate!

P.S. If you’ve already donated, and you want in on this giveaway, let me know! You’ll be put in the raffle too because you’re really special and I want you to know that.


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