Holes in My Heart

My awesome friend, Amanda, left early yesterday morning to head to Guatemala. She’s going to be working in an orphanage for a week. This picture was taken her first afternoon in Guatemala. I’m so excited for her – getting to work with those sweet little kids.

Another of my awesome friends, Ellen, just got back from Haiti where she worked in an orphanage for a week. This picture was snapped last year when we were in Haiti together.

In just two weeks, I’m heading to Haiti for a week. Because the kids I met in Haiti changed my life forever, I was a little bummed when I was hearing reports from the mission organization that we’d probably not be doing much work with kids. We thought manual labor of some sort. Painting houses, maybe.

So on Wednesday I asked you to pray for me and I said I needed a little encouragement. And then on Thursday I heard that the organization we’re heading out with said we’d most likely be working with kids after all. I cannot explain to you how excited I was to hear that. Not because I’m lazy and don’t want to paint houses, I actually really enjoy painting, but because there is a great big gaping hole in my heart for Haitian children. It took about 10 seconds of holding this little lady on my first day in Haiti for me to realize I was ruined.

So basically what I’m saying is thanks for praying for me. Thanks for your words of encouragement. And YOU GUYS I GET TO PLAY WITH HAITIAN KIDS AGAIN!


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