Old and New

I discovered that I was “an artist” sometime in high school. I definitely always loved arts and crafts, but I didn’t realize how much until my Junior year. That was the first time I had a “real” art class. I was smitten. We were young loves and we were the very best of friends. As an added bonus to my quick falling in with art, I got a lot of positive feedback. Honestly, I’m not sure I’d still be into art as much now if I hadn’t had the positive feedback I had from my parents and my teachers (Mr. Warren, Mrs. McNabb, and Ms. Welsh to be specific) because I thought if those people thought I was good at it, well then I guess I was.  With all the other things about myself I didn’t quite believe in, art wasn’t one of them. I suppose it seems a bit vain, but I really believe it was a mostly healthy appreciation of my creative side.

When I graduated high school, my parents gave me an incredible opportunity to pick anywhere in the US to travel that summer. So, my parents and Dave and I packed up and headed to New York City. We made a wide loop around the East Coast, hitting DC and Niagara Falls, and I’m pretty sure we stopped at every art museum possible. In the first art museum we stopped in, I bought a sweet little fabric covered journal with blank pages.

I soaked up every bit of art and inspiration possible. Not to knock Camdenton, Missouri (population: 15 or so) but I hadn’t even come close to experiencing that kind of inspiration before. (Though now that I live in a “city”, I find much inspiration from my trips back home to Camdenton… such is life, I suppose.) I furiously filled those blank pages on that trip and the rest of the summer before college. It was my first experience with art journaling, and that little book is a treasure to me now. It’s torn from being lugged around my purse all summer; I loved it to pieces. I’ve cried flipping back through it. I’ve ripped out pages that I thought were stupid. I’ve considered filling in the few blank pages that remain. But mostly, I just look through it and appreciate that little piece of me.

My love for art journaling has been dormant since 2004, but it’s back full force. It started with my vacation journal and picked up speed with the 30 Day Journal Project. It was one of the main reasons I bought the Instax mini with my birthday gift cards – I think it’ll lend itself nicely to quick and easy journal pages. I’m thrilled to get back into the whole art journaling thing. This is my recently completed June journal.


3 thoughts on “Old and New

  1. This memory makes me tear up a bit..and you know that I DON’T like tearing up!

    Love you and all the memories that you have given me…and continue to give!


    • She really is! I love her to pieces. Your mom is one of those encouraging teachers too – SUCH a great woman. The only reason I didn’t list her was because I didn’t have her after I started the art thing. General life encouragement – she definitley makes the list. 🙂

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