Introducing Minnie

Well. I did it. I jumped right on to the Instax mini bandwagon.
And oh heavens, I’m so glad I did. Since I’m obsessed with art journaling
right now, I don’t ever use my digital camera, and I got an Amazon gift card
for my birthday, I figured the shopping stars were aligned. I went back and
forth about 20,000 times trying to decide if I actually did want it, or if I just
thought I wanted it because I’d seen so many blog friends writing about their
Instax minis. So when I got the gift card from my mother-in-law and some
birthday cash from my parents, I thought it was now or never.

I don’t have film yet for the mini, which I’m calling Minnie for obvious reasons, because I opted for free shipping and that took a couple days longer. I’m head over heels for this sweet little lady camera.

Here’s a picture from That’s Happy (one of my favorite blogs) that shows what the Instax can do. They’re miniature Polaroid pics. Isn’t it cute?!


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