Straw Heart Update

So today is a big day for a family I met through Straw Heart Project. When I first met them several months ago, they were in the process of adopting, but had no idea who they would be matched with. They heard from Peru a couple months later that the whole thing would probably take another couple of years (added to the years they’d already put in) and they were, understandably, discouraged. Just a few weeks later, they heard the news that their son, Isaiah Arturo, was matched to them and it wouldn’t be long until they could come meet him in Peru.

Today is the day they meet Isaiah.

Praise God! After much waiting and discouragement over the past few years, they’re finally going to hold their son. I can’t begin to imagine how powerful those first few moments will be. It brings up so many emotions for me, and I’m honestly quite far removed from the whole thing. I cannot wait to meet Isaiah Arturo!

Check their story out on their blog. You can see a picture of Isaiah, the room they’ve prepared for him, and the whole Burns family.

We’re so excited for you, Burns family! Praying with you and standing beside you in this incredible journey!


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