Nashville Summers

There’s something about summer in Nashville that makes everyone all swoony and wide-eyed. I’m not sure what it is. It’s hot as the dickens, the humidity makes you swallow instead of breathe, and there are mosquitos following after you everywhere you walk. But still… we love our city. There are movies in the park, free concerts, outdoor symphony performances, homemade popsicles, and all sorts of other wonderful things. Last night I got to go to one of those things that happen in Nashville that everyone is enamored by. Music City Roots.

My friend Lillian (who you should know by now) won tickets and invited me along as her date. We had fun singing along and playing, “who do you think that is? It’s SOMEbody, right?” based on ugly hats and even worse facial hair. Seriously, famous people, what’s up with the terrible facial hair? Are you trying to prove to us that you were once famous by having giant mutton chops? Because it’s gross. But I guess it’s working, so…

This is Mr. Tommy Ramone and his “band” Uncle Monk. (Lillian snapped this picture on her cell phone.)

Music City is a magical place to be in the summer. If you’d like to come visit, let me know. I’ll get your bed ready.


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