Random Things Because It’s Wednesday

Wednesday is the day of the week my brain doesn’t work. Sometimes also Thursday. Two out of seven days with a non functioning brain probably isn’t a good thing. But that means today I’m just putting up random pieces of things as a blog post. I’m so professional!

-I’ve been on this weird 80’s music kick lately. I guess it’s not all bad – I discovered that I can nail the high notes in “Don’t Stop Believing,” but I refuse to prove it to you.

– My husband wants a motorcycle, but that scares the cuss out of me, so he’s looking at scooters instead. That scares me too, but my cuss is slightly more comfortable with a scooter.

– I’m having a love affair with glitter.

– Quick pet peeve: lots of people say things about social media like, “I don’t really ‘do’ that. I prefer to spend my time with real people.” They’re snooty about it and actually they’re not spending time with real people. Also, I spend time with real people more than like… anyone ever. I have super deep and serious friendships. AND I use social media. So there, people with a lame excuse. It’s fine with me if you don’t like social media. You’re allowed that. Just please cut it out with the snideness. Aaaand pet peeve rant over.

– Sometimes when I see an extremely cute baby, I wonder how weird it would be for me to go up and smooch his little feet, or snuggle my nose into her face. Mostly I deem “too weird.” But that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming.

– I cannot, for the life of me, make cakes, cupcakes, or cookies look good. I can make them taste good, and if I were to draw a picture of them, they’d look good. But my execution of pastry decor is a sad sad thing.

– If there’s one thing I wear too much, it’s cardigans. Seriously, I dare you to own more cardigans than I do. It’s a little bit of a problem.

– I deleted my “Simply Too Much” blog. It wasn’t interesting to me any more. And if it’s not interesting to me, it probably isn’t interesting to anyone else.

– I’m starting a Hipster Baby store on Etsy with two of my friends. Really it’s vintage children’s clothes, but the idea of a hipster baby makes me laugh.

– I’m doing a super awesome fundraising thing in the next week or so with the incredibly talented Lillian (who takes all my headshots and can make a troll doll look like a model.) So stay tuned for that!


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