As you know, I’ve been working on throwing myself a big, ridiculous birthday party this year. It probably seems silly to throw a birthday party for yourself, I know this. But I have no children to throw a party for, Dave doesn’t really like big fusses, and it would be weird for me to take over someone else’s birthday just so I can be in charge of the decor. So there’s my reasoning. It has little to do with me being self absorbed (though I’m sure that has SOMETHING to do with it) and a lot to do with me wanting to throw a silly party for the heck of it. As it turned out, my own birthday was the nearest heck-of-it I could think of when I got these party plans in my head.

I’ve been working on silly props and testing them on Cutie McScooties.

I’ve been making a “I’m Turning Twenty-Five Playlist.” With this silly song included.

I’ve been doing the tiniest bit of shopping.

I’m hinting certain items from my Amazon Wish List to Dave… ever so subtly.

And I’ve been trying to clean the house when I’m not busy with all of that.


One thought on “Details

  1. You know what, I think it’s fabulous that you’re throwing yourself a birthday party! At least it’ll be exactly to your taste.

    P.S. I want that camera too!! Totally on my wishlist!

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