Summer Vacation Pictures – Sneak Peak

We took about 800 pictures over the last 1o days. I’ll try to not post all of them here because no one has that kind of time. After I post some pictures here, I have a fun vacation art journal I’ll post. I love me some art journaling.

Friday afternoon we loaded up and headed south to Florida. We drove overnight and arrived around 5am Saturday morning. Slept 2-3 hours and went to breakfast.

Saturday we putzed around Lakeland, FL. Went to a flea market, shopped for suit jackets and the like, and ate dinner at a super yummy Mexican restaurant. No pictures really of that day, because taking pictures of suit coats is boring.

Sunday was Disney World for most of us – Dave stayed back that day to save some money and study for the class he started teaching this week. I missed him all day (of course)… but not too much. The Magic Kingdom really IS magic.

Sunday – Friday was spent on the ship or getting on and off the ship. You guys. Cruises are awesome. Did you know this?

Then our last full day before the drive back to Tennessee was spent at the beach. This, miraculously, was the first time we got a sunburn. Go us!

Our grand send off from vacation was a fun fireworks show in the distance paired with a lightening show above. Vacation is good, ya know?

I plan to break down the days into fuller posts so I can do justice to the cruise fun and the Disney fun. This is just a sneak peak of all the wonder that was vacation over the past 10 days. I’m ready to go back now.


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