Perhaps you noticed that I haven’t blogged much lately. Or twittered or facebooked as much. Maybe your name is Amanda and I’ve kind of been avoiding you all together.

No offense.

It has been KILLING ME to keep this secret for so long, but I did. And that means I win at secrets! I’m GOING ON VACATION! To Florida! And on A CRUISE! For TEN DAYS! Beach, friends, sun and vacationy things.  Mr. Hagen and I have never done anything this fancy before. This shall be quite the adventure.

And do you know what else I’m going to do while I’m in Florida?

I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! Yes, that’s a lot of caps. But I’ve been holding in this excitement for months. MONTHS, I SAY!

My friend Earl (who realistically is the one who wins at secrets) has completely planned this vacation for his wife (one of my very best friends ever) Amanda. So, we’re en route to Florida RIGHT NOW.

I’ve got one super fun blog posts written and scheduled to go up this week, but not one for every day. (That’s because I’m going to have the most fun ever and blogging might interfere with that.) As much as I love you, I love The Little Mermaid more. She is more important than blogging.

A note about Disney World and my embarassing amount of excitement: I’ve been to Disney World once before. My brother, whom I love to pieces, ruined it. He got heat stroke, so very selfishly, and was sent to the ER for the remainder of the day. So my magical trip to Disney World was cut short by a very heated big brother. It was at least somewhat entertaining sitting next to him in the ER waiting room, since he was hallucinating – spinning clocks and giant wheels of cheese or something like that.

I’m off to meet princesses and spin in tea cups and sing “It’s a Small World” for the rest of my life. Or at least a day. And then after that I’m going on a cruise. Because my friends are awesome. But I’ll sortof miss you probably. Maybe.


3 thoughts on “SQUEEEEE!

  1. I am SO glad you came with us! You guys definitely helped to make the trip lots of fun. It was a perfect way to spend my birthday. I honestly still have no idea how you managed to keep this a secret. It is so unlike you.

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