I’m Totally An Adult

First things first, friends. I got a car this weekend! Hooray! It’s so fancy in comparisson to what I normally drive. It has AIR CONDITIONING (first time I’ve ever had a car with a/c)! And it’s not sticky! And I have to listen for it on purpose when I turn the key because it doesn’t sound like a go kart!

It’s a ’99 Mazda that we were able to pay cash for. It sounds so very American to say, but I’m thankful that God provided the money for us to get this car. I was getting a little tired of disposable vehicles. It’s the learning to be thankful when we don’t have the money that’s the tricky part. But I sure do like this car. I think we’re in love.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for a very cool new friend at Arrington Vineyards. The weather was damp and chilly, but it was a really beautiful place. Tennessee looks make-believe sometimes. It’s all green and hilly and magical.

A car with air conditioning and a trip to a vineyard in the same weekend? What’s next? Reading the newspaper? I am just so very grown up.


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