Web Skillz

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to learn website design. I get frustrated with my very limited knowledge of designing my own blog. And because my tastes change SO OFTEN, it’s hard to shell out $100 or more on a blog design when I know I’ll most likely be sick of it in a few months.

I love the work Shalon did on my blogspot page. She was a breeze to work with and was great at getting my personality onto the page. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do wordpress pages currently.

So, yesterday I bought an ebook about web design, and I’ve made some mockups in a very basic layout program for ideas for the new blog. I kind of got carried away though. Most of the page elements are things I created. Those sweet floral elements though, that I love dearly, are just holding place for design pieces that I’ll need to pay for OR find elsewhere – they’re not mine. They’re super cute though!

I’m loving playing around with these. Let’s hope this ebook will teach me some real skill!


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