I Crack Me Up

It takes very little to crack me up. I know this about myself. It’s kind of what I was famous for in middle school and high school. Also, I got voted “most creative” in Senior Superlatives which I’m still super proud of  in a really sad way… and “most likely to have 12 children” in the fake Senior Superlatives we did. (I want to make an infertility joke here, but Dave says when I make jokes like that, it makes people uncomfortable. So just pretend I said a funny thing that DIDN’T make you uncomfortable.) 

I mentioned before that I’ll be having a ridiculous birthday party this year. I wasn’t joking. My birthday party plans are cracking.me.up. in a serious way. The theme? Rainbows, unicorns, and maybe also glitter. Because I can!, ok? (That needs an exclomma, don’t you think?)

P.S. My husband, WHO ALSO CRACKS ME UP, invented the exclomma. It’s a combination of an exclamation point and a comma for the times you need to exclaim in the middle of the sentence. Like “Because I can!, ok?” It’s totally going to catch on. Use it!, Exclomma for the win!

So, this is a sneak peak at the birthday party invitation I made. Seriously though, it cracks me up. I really think unicorns are hilarious, I guess?  

Here’s a tip! This little pic also doubles as an iPhone wallpaper. You’ll have the raddest iPhone on the block. You’re welcome!


2 thoughts on “I Crack Me Up

  1. Rainbows, Unicorns and Glitter are excellent. I feel you should also include a Merry-go-Round. I’m not sure why, but it just seems needed.

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