Summer Vacation Pictures – Sneak Peak

We took about 800 pictures over the last 1o days. I’ll try to not post all of them here because no one has that kind of time. After I post some pictures here, I have a fun vacation art journal I’ll post. I love me some art journaling.

Friday afternoon we loaded up and headed south to Florida. We drove overnight and arrived around 5am Saturday morning. Slept 2-3 hours and went to breakfast.

Saturday we putzed around Lakeland, FL. Went to a flea market, shopped for suit jackets and the like, and ate dinner at a super yummy Mexican restaurant. No pictures really of that day, because taking pictures of suit coats is boring.

Sunday was Disney World for most of us – Dave stayed back that day to save some money and study for the class he started teaching this week. I missed him all day (of course)… but not too much. The Magic Kingdom really IS magic.

Sunday – Friday was spent on the ship or getting on and off the ship. You guys. Cruises are awesome. Did you know this?

Then our last full day before the drive back to Tennessee was spent at the beach. This, miraculously, was the first time we got a sunburn. Go us!

Our grand send off from vacation was a fun fireworks show in the distance paired with a lightening show above. Vacation is good, ya know?

I plan to break down the days into fuller posts so I can do justice to the cruise fun and the Disney fun. This is just a sneak peak of all the wonder that was vacation over the past 10 days. I’m ready to go back now.


Love Letters – Hagen Style

We Hagens are a silly bunch. We have difficulty being serious and often try very hard to NOT be serious. But, we love each other to death.

I was thinking about (and appreciating) that the other day and decided I need to make something for Dave that was sweet and lovey… in silly Hagen fashion. So I made Dave a 4 piece set to hang up in our bedroom. Each print will be matted with gray and in a simple black frame.

The Wifey print says, “I’m going to love you forever and ever. There’s no way around that. I might smother you sometimes. I may be a little needy. I might be jealous for your time and attention. There’s a chance I’ll spend too much money on gifts for you and I’m sorry for that. I might keep you up far too late talking about stupid stuff, just because I want to talk to you. I’ll hug you too hard. I know I’ll ask you how you got so cute more times than you’d like. I’ll kiss your face. A lot. I will love you too much. Oh I promise, I will.”

The Husband print says, “I’m going to love you forever and ever. I might bug you for attention. I may be a little childish. I might spend too little time with you because I am trying so hard to provide for you. I might want to kiss you in public with embarrassing vigor. There’s a chance I will say something stupid when I’m really trying to say something sweet because words aren’t my thing. I’ll cuddle you too close in the morning, without fail. There’s no way around that. I’ll kiss your face. A lot. I will love you too much. I promise, I will.”

It kinda makes me tear up to read those. I sure like that husband of mine. Quirks and all.


Perhaps you noticed that I haven’t blogged much lately. Or twittered or facebooked as much. Maybe your name is Amanda and I’ve kind of been avoiding you all together.

No offense.

It has been KILLING ME to keep this secret for so long, but I did. And that means I win at secrets! I’m GOING ON VACATION! To Florida! And on A CRUISE! For TEN DAYS! Beach, friends, sun and vacationy things.  Mr. Hagen and I have never done anything this fancy before. This shall be quite the adventure.

And do you know what else I’m going to do while I’m in Florida?

I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! Yes, that’s a lot of caps. But I’ve been holding in this excitement for months. MONTHS, I SAY!

My friend Earl (who realistically is the one who wins at secrets) has completely planned this vacation for his wife (one of my very best friends ever) Amanda. So, we’re en route to Florida RIGHT NOW.

I’ve got one super fun blog posts written and scheduled to go up this week, but not one for every day. (That’s because I’m going to have the most fun ever and blogging might interfere with that.) As much as I love you, I love The Little Mermaid more. She is more important than blogging.

A note about Disney World and my embarassing amount of excitement: I’ve been to Disney World once before. My brother, whom I love to pieces, ruined it. He got heat stroke, so very selfishly, and was sent to the ER for the remainder of the day. So my magical trip to Disney World was cut short by a very heated big brother. It was at least somewhat entertaining sitting next to him in the ER waiting room, since he was hallucinating – spinning clocks and giant wheels of cheese or something like that.

I’m off to meet princesses and spin in tea cups and sing “It’s a Small World” for the rest of my life. Or at least a day. And then after that I’m going on a cruise. Because my friends are awesome. But I’ll sortof miss you probably. Maybe.


I’m not a famous enough blogger (shocking, I know) to get to do giveaways. One can only hope…

But the good news for you is that Ms. Erin Loechner, is having an iPad 2 giveaway on HER blog. Because she IS famous enough. And she’s super sweet. BONUS. Get yourselves over there and enter to win (you know, if you’re into really cool gadgets).

Get it here:

Especially you, Dave Hagen. Remember our discussion about iPads? Here’s your chance!

While you’re over there, take a look around Erin’s blog. She’s cool.

I’m Totally An Adult

First things first, friends. I got a car this weekend! Hooray! It’s so fancy in comparisson to what I normally drive. It has AIR CONDITIONING (first time I’ve ever had a car with a/c)! And it’s not sticky! And I have to listen for it on purpose when I turn the key because it doesn’t sound like a go kart!

It’s a ’99 Mazda that we were able to pay cash for. It sounds so very American to say, but I’m thankful that God provided the money for us to get this car. I was getting a little tired of disposable vehicles. It’s the learning to be thankful when we don’t have the money that’s the tricky part. But I sure do like this car. I think we’re in love.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for a very cool new friend at Arrington Vineyards. The weather was damp and chilly, but it was a really beautiful place. Tennessee looks make-believe sometimes. It’s all green and hilly and magical.

A car with air conditioning and a trip to a vineyard in the same weekend? What’s next? Reading the newspaper? I am just so very grown up.

Prom Season

My friend Stacy posted this picture on facebook yesterday.

Yes, that’s Dave and I at my senior prom – seven years ago. That’s the second year we went to prom together. (Awwww.) Can we all agree that Dave should never ever ever grow his hair out this long again? Also, let’s agree that corsages are kinda dumb.