You may find this shocking, but I have a weak spot for children. I know, it’s crazy that I’ve been able to keep that hidden for so long. More than just children in general, though, is my affection for children who have no home and no family.

A group of 5 high schoolers from Franklin, Tennessee have started something called Worthday at an orphanage in Peru that houses 922 children.

Nine hundred and twenty two.

They visited the orphanage and decided to start something to get the kids in Peru to realize that they’re worth loving. So they decided to get each of these 922 children sponsored – it’s a one time fee of $20 – and that would get the child a small gift, a letter, and the realization that someone cares about them specifically. That is so important, isn’t it? They’ll get your contact information from you as well for updates on the child so you really can feel contected to the person you’re sponsoring.

This is Acuna Sifuentes Natalia. She’s 4 years old. Because I was able to donate $20, she knows that I care about her. I wrote her a letter and told her that I will think about her every day because I put her picture up where I’ll see it often.

Lucky you! You have the same opportunity! Please check out the blog here to read about what these high school students are doing. You can also check out their facebook page for more information about sponsoring. Let’s get these 922 kids some love! They could definitely use it.


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