Gainful Employment

It’s sort of “I love my husband” day on the blog again, so if you’re uncomfortable with online PDA, I suggest you turn away.

There’s this… thing… about the music business. It’s kind of a tricky thing. The guys who are THE guys in the business don’t have steady, normal-people jobs. They don’t get evenings and weekends with their families, they don’t have reliable paychecks, they don’t have lives for the most part.

But guess what. Mr. Hagen now has a full-time, normal-people job. At a recording studio. I may see him on evenings! And weekends! And if you have never not had that luxury, let me tell you, it’s quite frustrating to be on the “but I haven’t seeeeeeen you for 4 days. I just want to hang out with you!” side of it.

Part of his new job will be teaching students at Dark Horse Institute. He’s really excited about this. He’s talked quite a bit in the past few years about getting into teaching at some point. He loves to tell people about the ins and outs of recording and editing and mixing and producing and other things I don’t understand. I’m getting really good at actively listening to things I don’t understand.

He’ll also be engineering some, editing some, whatever else they want him to do some, and coming home in the evenings. To see me. And watch a movie or something. Or maybe cuddle. I don’t even know? What do people do when they get to spend time with their spouse? I’ll let you know when I find out next month.

So proud of you, Dave.


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