Car Trouble

There’s a fun theme in the life of the Herzogs and the Hagens in which we have cars that are… disposable. We should have known when we got married that the combination of each family’s luck with transportation would be a disasterous combination. Especially so considering we blew up a car battery and got a flat tire on our honeymoon. And while we were honeymooning, my car back home stopped working. The explanation I heard regarding my car was, “it’s done.”

So we went frolicking into the next few years of life with a really interesting curse upon our marriage, as I like to think of it now. We’ve had (in no particular order) a boat of a Buick, a Cadillac El Dorado,  a couple little trucks, an Isuzu trooper (my favorite), a Tempo, a Stanza, a Cutlass, a Grand Am, the little red Honda Accord I’m currently driving, the little white truck Dave is currently driving, and more. None of these were fewer than 12 years old. We buy cheap cars. But! We’ve never had a car payment! (remind me why our method is better again?)

Buying cars that are cheap means buying cars that are going to blow a head gasket, need new breaks, slip a transmission, drop their mufflers, leak oil, leak coolant, break seatbelts, short batteries, etc.

My newest car, the car that everyone said, “oh a Honda! Hondas will last forever!” about is now on its last leg. I guess a piston? or something? went out and now I’m running on 3 cyldinders instead of the 4 I’m meant to use. This means my engine will just stop. Any day now. We’re actually a bit surprised it hasn’t already stopped. What I’ve been told about this car is that “you should be able to hear the engine going out in time to pull over to the side of the road before it stops completely. So listen for that.”

Um. Ok. I’ll listen for that. And why don’t YOU listen to the sounds of me gnashing my teeth.


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