Road Trippin’

I’m putting together a playlist today of all the songs I want to listen to on the car ride back to Missouri tomorrow. Anxious to be home is an understatement. So obviously a dancy-sing-a-long mix tape is in order. With Journey AND the Fugees. Because that’s how well rounded I am.

I checked the weather along our route; it’s supposed to be sunny and warm. I’ve made some stove-popped popcorn for the road and packed some dark chocolate, my mixtape is burning, and I’ve already picked out my “driving home” outfit.  Little known fact about me: I have a nervous habit of picking outfits for things I’m anxious about quite far in advance. Like… way far. You don’t want to know.

We’ll only be home for a few days. But I have a feeling it will be a wonderful few days.

How wonderful, you ask? THIS wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Road Trippin’

  1. Love your new blog, Steph! Changed my RSS feed so I can follow you here again. I unsubscribed to your old one though, so pls let me know if u keep posting there too! 🙂

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