You may find this shocking, but I have a weak spot for children. I know, it’s crazy that I’ve been able to keep that hidden for so long. More than just children in general, though, is my affection for children who have no home and no family.

A group of 5 high schoolers from Franklin, Tennessee have started something called Worthday at an orphanage in Peru that houses 922 children.

Nine hundred and twenty two.

They visited the orphanage and decided to start something to get the kids in Peru to realize that they’re worth loving. So they decided to get each of these 922 children sponsored – it’s a one time fee of $20 – and that would get the child a small gift, a letter, and the realization that someone cares about them specifically. That is so important, isn’t it? They’ll get your contact information from you as well for updates on the child so you really can feel contected to the person you’re sponsoring.

This is Acuna Sifuentes Natalia. She’s 4 years old. Because I was able to donate $20, she knows that I care about her. I wrote her a letter and told her that I will think about her every day because I put her picture up where I’ll see it often.

Lucky you! You have the same opportunity! Please check out the blog here to read about what these high school students are doing. You can also check out their facebook page for more information about sponsoring. Let’s get these 922 kids some love! They could definitely use it.


Gainful Employment

It’s sort of “I love my husband” day on the blog again, so if you’re uncomfortable with online PDA, I suggest you turn away.

There’s this… thing… about the music business. It’s kind of a tricky thing. The guys who are THE guys in the business don’t have steady, normal-people jobs. They don’t get evenings and weekends with their families, they don’t have reliable paychecks, they don’t have lives for the most part.

But guess what. Mr. Hagen now has a full-time, normal-people job. At a recording studio. I may see him on evenings! And weekends! And if you have never not had that luxury, let me tell you, it’s quite frustrating to be on the “but I haven’t seeeeeeen you for 4 days. I just want to hang out with you!” side of it.

Part of his new job will be teaching students at Dark Horse Institute. He’s really excited about this. He’s talked quite a bit in the past few years about getting into teaching at some point. He loves to tell people about the ins and outs of recording and editing and mixing and producing and other things I don’t understand. I’m getting really good at actively listening to things I don’t understand.

He’ll also be engineering some, editing some, whatever else they want him to do some, and coming home in the evenings. To see me. And watch a movie or something. Or maybe cuddle. I don’t even know? What do people do when they get to spend time with their spouse? I’ll let you know when I find out next month.

So proud of you, Dave.

Car Trouble

There’s a fun theme in the life of the Herzogs and the Hagens in which we have cars that are… disposable. We should have known when we got married that the combination of each family’s luck with transportation would be a disasterous combination. Especially so considering we blew up a car battery and got a flat tire on our honeymoon. And while we were honeymooning, my car back home stopped working. The explanation I heard regarding my car was, “it’s done.”

So we went frolicking into the next few years of life with a really interesting curse upon our marriage, as I like to think of it now. We’ve had (in no particular order) a boat of a Buick, a Cadillac El Dorado,  a couple little trucks, an Isuzu trooper (my favorite), a Tempo, a Stanza, a Cutlass, a Grand Am, the little red Honda Accord I’m currently driving, the little white truck Dave is currently driving, and more. None of these were fewer than 12 years old. We buy cheap cars. But! We’ve never had a car payment! (remind me why our method is better again?)

Buying cars that are cheap means buying cars that are going to blow a head gasket, need new breaks, slip a transmission, drop their mufflers, leak oil, leak coolant, break seatbelts, short batteries, etc.

My newest car, the car that everyone said, “oh a Honda! Hondas will last forever!” about is now on its last leg. I guess a piston? or something? went out and now I’m running on 3 cyldinders instead of the 4 I’m meant to use. This means my engine will just stop. Any day now. We’re actually a bit surprised it hasn’t already stopped. What I’ve been told about this car is that “you should be able to hear the engine going out in time to pull over to the side of the road before it stops completely. So listen for that.”

Um. Ok. I’ll listen for that. And why don’t YOU listen to the sounds of me gnashing my teeth.

An Instagram Vacation

I left the camera for Dave most of the trip, (we were separated most days unfortunately) but I took a lot of cell phone pictures. Here are some of my favorites.

More details about the trip will make their way to the blog in the next few days, I’d imagine. But right now I’m low on sleep, a little sad about being back in Nashville, and frantically searching for cars for sale on craigslist. Much writing today just doesn’t seem exciting.


See Ya

Today’s the day! I’m going to visit people that I really really miss. I might see my great-grandma’s farm again. I’m going shopping, I’m getting my hair did by my super talented little sister, I’m eating pizza at my very favorite pizza place in the whole world, I’m playing games at home with my whole family for the first time since Christmas of ’09.

Folks, I am excited.

In an effort to soak up every last bit of family fun, I’ll be making myself scarce ’round here. Have a great Easter weekend!

Road Trippin’

I’m putting together a playlist today of all the songs I want to listen to on the car ride back to Missouri tomorrow. Anxious to be home is an understatement. So obviously a dancy-sing-a-long mix tape is in order. With Journey AND the Fugees. Because that’s how well rounded I am.

I checked the weather along our route; it’s supposed to be sunny and warm. I’ve made some stove-popped popcorn for the road and packed some dark chocolate, my mixtape is burning, and I’ve already picked out my “driving home” outfit.  Little known fact about me: I have a nervous habit of picking outfits for things I’m anxious about quite far in advance. Like… way far. You don’t want to know.

We’ll only be home for a few days. But I have a feeling it will be a wonderful few days.

How wonderful, you ask? THIS wonderful!


If blog stats have taught me anything, it’s that you folks care quite a bit about my “journey to parenthood” which sounds so stuffy, but that’s exactly what it is. Whether it’s a post about infertility and adoption or just ranting and complaining, if it’s related to me becomming a mama, you read it. So thanks for that.

I recently gained two new friends who are going through a difficult “journey to parenthood” as well, and they’ve just decided to take the steps to adopt, and I am beyond thrilled for them! So if you care so much about ME becomming a mama, you’ll like to hear about the Chalos’s as well.

Chad and Kristle are super fun, super nice, and super funny. You would really like them. Here’s their blog.  http://thechalosadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/
Please read it! And definitely donate to their adoption fund; they will be amazing parents and every donation helps. Consider $5. Or $500.
Because, comeon! Look how fun they are!