Heading Home

Nashville is a wonderful place. I love living here. But do you know what Nashville is missing? Family.

It’s been over a year since Dave and I have gone back to Missouri together. That is TOO LONG. Thankfully, our families have visited here, so we haven’t gone completely without. In 24 days we’re FINALLY going back for a visit. It’s going to be a too-short visit, but some is better than none. Talking to my sister the other day, I told her I’m so excited about going home that I feel like I should make a paper chain to count down the days like we used to do for Christmas. She said, “DO IT!” and that’s all the motivation I needed. 26 days, guys. Not only will this be the first time Dave has been home in over a year (or the first time I’ve been home in almost a year), but my brother and his wife are moving back to Missouri in just a couple of days – so the ENTIRE FAMILY will be together in Camdenton for the first time since Christmas ’09. Crazy. We’re going to try to relax, have lunch with some old friends, take a small family trip to visit my grandparents, eat my very favorite pizza of all time, sit and talk, play games, and celebrate Easter at worship on the Lake. Trips home to visit the family are never ever long enough.


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