Tennessee Adventures

The best man from our wedding, Josh, was in town this weekend. Turns out, getting a friend of Dave’s to visit is the trick to getting to go on weekend adventures. Since I love house guests AND adventures, I’m going to go ahead and invite you all over. You’ll have to sleep on the couch for now, but we’ll have a guest bed very soon. (More on that this week, hopefully.)

Saturday morning, we woke up and headed out on our grand adventures. We grabbed lunch and headed down to Lynchburg, Tennessee to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. If you know me very well, you know I don’t care for alcohol, so it wasn’t a big deal to me, but the boys were excited.

It ended up being a really cool tour. Lots of interesting sights… and smells… and tour guides… I’m glad I went. Plus, it was a road trip and I am all about the road trip. I sat in the back and got the brunt of the wind.

After we finished up the tour, we went to show Josh the studio where Dave interned and still does some work. It’s a really beautiful building, so we like to bring visitors there.

Then we headed back out East for the drive-in theater. The weather on Saturday was absolute perfection, so the drive-in was an obvious choice. It’s one of our favorite things to do together, so obviously we’re always looking for a reason to go. We saw Rango and True Grit. Both good movies.

I kept saying, “next time you come we should go here!” and “you’ll have to come back soon so we can show you this.” I need more guests. I was serious about you coming to visit me.


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