Random Things I’m Thinking About Today

You know in those cheesy interviews with people wearing turtlenecks, when they turn toward the camera at the beginning and say something like, “oh hello.” Like maybe that camera crew surprised them. But they already had an interview ready to go, just in case people showed up. Well, I always have a bit of an urge to start a blog post that way… Well, hi! Fancy meeting you here, on my blog that I write so people will come read it! I can’t believe you’re here; in that case, let’s gets started! And then I’d continue.

This is the time of year when people on facebook get very angry with winter. At the beginning, everyone’s like, “oh man, this snow is beautiful!” and “I’m loving being bundled up by the fire” but then come March they’re quite through. It’s like, “winter, if you don’t get the (bleep) out of here, I’m going to go crazy.” And I’m pretty sure they mean it, because they’re not actually bleeping.

There are few things in life (unfortunately) that get me really fired up, things I decide to take a stand on. I am not a parent. I don’t know how difficult it is. I do know that I’m not supposed to judge people for the decisions they make as parents. But sometimes I judge. One of those things I get all judgy about is allowing little kids to watch certain R rated movies. One time Dave and I went to see a triple feature at the drive-in theater. We didn’t want to watch the first movie, so we got there about halfway through. When we arrived, there was a dad watching Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN with his probably 3 or 4 year old daughter. First of all, yikes. Second of all, that movie is 30% bloody murdering, 30% nudity, and 40% F-word. And there she is, sitting on the top of her dad’s pickup truck soaking it all in. I was outraged. I kept asking Dave if I should offer to “babysit” her and take her over to the concession stand to play with her while the movie finished. He decided that was probably a quick trip to a black eye. It makes me sad for future generations to imagine that their sweet little minds are already exposed to that kind of trash so early. And… rant over.

Having a game night is one of the quickest and best ways to get to know people better. Some of my closest friends have game night pretty often, and it always always involves tears from laughing too hard. Why do people not play games more often? We should institute a world-wide game night wherein everyone has to play telephone-pictionary for two hours once a month. More, if you’re so inclined. (Which I am.)

P.S. Telephone-pictionary is a game where you write down a phrase, or a thing, whatever you want, basically. Then you pass it to the person to your right. They draw a picture of that thing you just wrote down on a new sheet of paper, and pass their drawing to the person on their right. That person then writes down what they think the picture is. And so on until everyone is cracking up. You should try it.


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