It’s my party and I’ll go completely overboard if I want to

The other day on Facebook, I took a poll. I asked, “Am I allowed to plan an elaborate 25th birthday party for myself? Or is that weird?” Lots of people seemed to think that was ok.

I’m a self-diagnosed blog-hopper and several of the blogs I follow put up fun party ideas. Because Dave doesn’t always want to be fussed over, and I don’t have children to throw elaborate parties for, this is the party I want to throw for myself. Luckily, my birthday is a few months away. I have time for elaborate.

Rainbows, sparkles, balloons, streamers, unicorn cookies, and a holi color fight. Because 25 is NOT too old for that. Right?


Let’s Do This Thang

Do you know what’s weird? I love cooking. I generally enjoy grocery shopping. I like eating meals I have just cooked, and I really like making food for other people to enjoy too. But I’ve fallen out of those habits for some weird reason. Busyness, sure. Laziness, yes. Who knows what else. Once upon a time I decided I would go without TV for 10 days. It was a smashing success and I’ll do that again sometime. And after a few “you’ve got to control yourself, woman!” pep-talks from myself and a few “you really shouldn’t be eating that” comments from Dave to which I replied with a head turned around backward and turning my eyeballs green, I decided to try that with eating out. I keep asking him to help me with this and then being not-so-kind when he tries to help. What’s up with that? So, I decided yesterday that I was in serious need of an eating-out fast. I put the word out there into the “universe” also known as twitter and Lillian B. was on board. We then asked our friend Amanda and SHE was on board. So now, here we are. 3 families in the neighborhood deciding to do an eating-out fast for two whole weeks. Hold on a second. TWO WHOLE WEEKS! (that’s better.) Do you know what? I think you should do it too! It will save you money, it will be a great way for your family to be together, it will be healthier, and it will be a grand adventure. If you’re up for the challenge, leave a comment on this post. If you have a blog and will be documenting the challenge at all, leave the link and I’ll post them later on. I love a good group effort. So, who’s with me?

Heading Home

Nashville is a wonderful place. I love living here. But do you know what Nashville is missing? Family.

It’s been over a year since Dave and I have gone back to Missouri together. That is TOO LONG. Thankfully, our families have visited here, so we haven’t gone completely without. In 24 days we’re FINALLY going back for a visit. It’s going to be a too-short visit, but some is better than none. Talking to my sister the other day, I told her I’m so excited about going home that I feel like I should make a paper chain to count down the days like we used to do for Christmas. She said, “DO IT!” and that’s all the motivation I needed. 26 days, guys. Not only will this be the first time Dave has been home in over a year (or the first time I’ve been home in almost a year), but my brother and his wife are moving back to Missouri in just a couple of days – so the ENTIRE FAMILY will be together in Camdenton for the first time since Christmas ’09. Crazy. We’re going to try to relax, have lunch with some old friends, take a small family trip to visit my grandparents, eat my very favorite pizza of all time, sit and talk, play games, and celebrate Easter at worship on the Lake. Trips home to visit the family are never ever long enough.

Pearl and The Beard

Dave and I went to a house show last night for a band called “Pearl and the Beard” and it was SO SO good.

We bought one album there, and I already bought the other album on iTunes. I wanted to also get their EP, a t-shirt, and a tote bag. Dave is kind of the voice of reason in our relationship. I don’t know if you knew that or not.
This was shockingly the first time I had been to a house show. While I kind of get overwhelmed in large groups of people in smallish areas (like the time I went to the Alamo and almost had a panic attack) I really had a great time. We got to sit close to the band, talk to them afterward, and meet some new people. I’m going to have to make a habit of attending house shows. Maybe I’ll try to get this social anxiety thing under control first…
If you like excellent music that’s quirky and cool, you’ve got to check these guys out.

Lillian B

I have talented friends. Seriously. One of those friends is the lovely Lillian B. She’s a photographer based out of Nashville and she does AMAAAZING work. This weekend, Dave and I headed to an old farm in Franklin, TN and she took some pictures of us.

I wanted some updated headshots, since I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since my last ones. And I wanted to get a few of Dave and me as well, for the same reason. Fun fact: the last time Lillian did pictures of Dave and I was when I broke my ankle! I promise she doesn’t do that to most of her clients.

I’m pretty insecure about myself in pictures (which is true of basically everyone, I think) and every.single.picture Lillian sent me is a picture I’m proud to show people. To make ME feel CUTE in PICTURES! Pure talent, folks.
If you’re in the Nashville area and you’re looking for a photographer, definitely check her out. She’s awesome.

Big Life Decisions

Tomorrow evening, the husband and I are going to a meeting about adoption. (!!!) We’re still a couple years off from the whole thing probably, but we’re ready to gather more information.

Dave was the one who was ready to adopt first. If you know Dave and I, this is a little bit shocking. He’s a bit of a slow mover when it comes to life changing decisions. And I’m…. well… let’s just say I am not a slow mover. The fact that Dave’s heart was in it before mine is a huge encouragement to me that we’re doing the right thing. We definitely want to get our lives a little more in check before we take off with the entire process; we’re total newbies to the whole thing, but we’re excited about taking a baby step forward. We’ve already got some things decided on.

We’d like to adopt domestically first and then maybe internationally for the next one or two… or 10. In the past several months my heart for domestic adoption has taken on a whole new life and I’m excited to look into it more. Lots of sweet American babies out there need some love.

We’re both feeling VERY much like we’d like to adopt from Haiti, but Haitian laws say you must be 35 to adopt from Haiti. That’s 10 years off for us, unless they change their laws. I’m personally hoping for a change of laws. I’m just not sure I’d want to be in my 40’s and sending my kid off to Kindergarten, you know? It works for some people. Obviously my plans for my own life aren’t always what God has in mind for me, I have noticed.

We’re only slightly concerned about the finances. This is sort of crazy because our finances aren’t exactly impressive. We know that God’s plans have very little to do with money. We’ve seen it in the past and we trust completely that we’ll see it in the future. That still leaves some room for concern. I’ve seen the fee schedule involved in domestic adoption. It’s not pretty. It’s probably unwise to leap into the process with very little savings available for application fees, attorney costs, and all the other financial things involved. It’s SO expensive. (Straw Heart Project could help!) There are a lot of organizations that do grants and loans, there are a lot of people surrounding us that would be willing to help, and there are a LOT of ways God can surprise people, so though finances are scary, they’re not a hindrance.

Though this meeting is little more than adding to the information we’ve got about adoption, I’m awfully excited. It’s like saying, “ok. we’re sort of more ready!” and that’s a fun place to be.


You may have noticed that I now have a “Donate” button on my blog. As icky as that feels, it’s for a good cause. I’m going back to Haiti this summer and I need to raise about $1300 for the trip. Until the trip, all proceeds from my artwork are going toward the trip fund. That includes custom work! If you want in on that, go right ahead and place an order.

If you don’t really like my artwork, I’m going to pretend like that’s no big deal, and allow you to just donate to the trip fund.
Thanks friends!