It’s My Favorite

If you don’t follow me (or design*sponge) on twitter and you’re not my facebook friend, you don’t know that yesterday afternoon, Grace of design*sponge retweeted a link to my blog to show the amazing headboard Mr. Hagen made for me for Valentine’s Day.

First of all – holy flippin’ smokes, that lady has got some pull. TEN TIMES my highest ever daily traffic came through the site yesterday. That is blowing my mind. Still. And secondly, that means that if any of you happened to stick around, you know nothing about me. So, because my mind is completely elsewhere this morning AND because you don’t me, I think a “my favorite things” post is fitting. If you visited because of Ms. Grace’s tweet, thanks for stopping by. If you visited because you know me and you like me, also thanks. I like you, too.

My current list of favorite things

1. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies. For real. That’s where it’s at.

2. This nursery design. I’m not currently decorating a nursery, guys. So quit it with the assumptions. But it is perfect! That chevron light fixture is seriously a DIY waiting to happen. And that ottoman! For heaven’s sake.
3. This phone picture. Yesterday as Dave and I drove to dinner we could not stop talking about the sky. The WHOLE sky was impressive. Not just the sunset part. We tried to take panoramas on our phones because we’re Hagens and that’s what we do. This is the image I got.

4. Straw Heart Project love. I know, I know, I said that a couple days ago. But it’s STILL one of my favorite things. I’ve had several people offer to help on projects in the past couple days and that is huge! Without volunteers, this won’t really work. So if you’re thinking of volunteering to help with a project, let me know. I promise I won’t make you do something you really don’t want to do, like the “turn to your neighbor and tell them you’re thankful they’re here” part of church on Sunday that no one enjoys but we keep doing it anyway.

5. This Food Passport by the cool ladies over at Spotted Fox. It’s a little bit of an issue with me and my friends that we eat at the same 5 places over and over and over. When my parents come to town, I generally convince them to eat places, “because I really like it, but the HBC doesn’t really so we never get to go there.” (HBC is what we call our neighborhood… we realized a few months ago that we all think “C” stands for something else. I think it’s crew. Some say community. Whatever. To each his own, I suppose. We eat most meals together. Like… several a week.) So, I suggested to the matriarchs of the HBC that we make a food passport to encourage us to branch out.

6. This light fixture. What’s my deal with light fixtures today? I think this is totally DIYable too. Gorgeous.

7. Super amazing handmade watches that I posted about over on SimplyTooMuch. Go check them out. They will floor you.

What are some of YOUR favorite things lately?


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