He’s Kinda Cool I Guess

I asked Dave to take a few pictures of the Valentine’s gift he made me “so I can show everyone how awesome you are” and he said, “right. Because THAT’S what your blog needs more of.”

So because it has been mentioned by several people that maybe I talk a bit too much about liking my husband (you’re welcome, Dave) and because he gets a little bit embarassed by that kind of thing, I’m going to keep this as non-flowery as I can.

I came home from work yesterday and Dave was almost finished building this.

Be still my heart. He had remembered this post and decided to get to work on the headboard while I was out. It was such a great surprise and the end result is beautiful. A perfect Valentine’s gift from my handsome Valentine. And that’s all I’m going to say. Even though I wanted to say more. See? That wasn’t too flowery?


11 thoughts on “He’s Kinda Cool I Guess

  1. My. heart. just. skipped a beat. That is the COOLEST headboard I've ever seen! I think I may have a new project on my hands (no hubs of my own to make me one 😦 )

    Thanks for posting this! Found you through DS's retweet of our post.

  2. Found your blog through a DS retweet- I love the headboard your hubby made! How awesome that he surprised you with it!

    Also- I noticed that you are a Christian too. I love finding other Christian bloggers! Can't wait to read some more of your blog!

  3. gosh. i just…could not be more jealous! i'm a big believer in remembering gift ideas throughout the year and bringing them to life on a holiday! well done to your husband!!!


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