Oh oo OH The Sweetest Thing

First things first, you’re welcome for getting that awesome song stuck in your head!

I had a funny post up about hipsters just now- about my distaste for ironic mustaches and the fact that if a band is popular, that shouldn’t automatically make someone not like them. I decided it was a bit too snarky for me, and the last thing the blog world needs is more snark. Am I right?

So, I’m going to zap you with sweetness to try to overcome the negativity that is a dicussion about hipsters and KidsTheseDays. I am wearing sparkly shoes AND a sparkly scarf today, so being snarky just would not have worked.

First off, the sweetest downloadable desktop wallpapers by Mae. Those roses make me want to squeeze something white and fluffy while I giggle.

Secondly, this little video. This is the very sweetest video ever made I think. Either that, or the giggling pile of babies; that’s pretty sweet too.

And to top it all off, Snickerdoodle cupcakes. One of these days, it will be safe for me to eat sugar, I like to hope. On that day, I plan to try to recreate these cupcakes from Emma at Red Velvet. I had a couple art classes with Emma in college and she worked on the student film Dave worked on… so I trust her judgement in cupcakes. Even though those things are completely unrelated. Whatever. Snickerdoodle. Cupcakes.


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