Home Inspiration

I’ve decided to go ten days without television at home. This maybe doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, but I assure you – it is to me. These Hagens can watch tv like you wouldn’t believe.

Saturday and Sunday I shall be home all day with no tv watching; the real test begins. I also have a brand new clear pastic art supplies organizer, a side-of-the-road-awfully-dirty find from my friend Lillian that needs a good scrub and a place to be hung. I’ve also got some beautiful fabric that’s a year old, just begging to be turned into some new pillows. I’ve got a new idea, some time on my hands, and the redecorating bug. What’s new? You may ask. Well, here’s what’s new:

NO TV to keep me from my ideas!

Assuming I can get the tiniest bit of help from Mr. Hagen, these pictures are where I’m heading with the new interior design look:

source (top two photos)

This headboard will be mine! This is the part that I need Dave for. Davie, if you’re out there. I need this headboard. (source)

This is so dreamy and delicate. It soothes me. (source)

And this is quite masculine compared to the former picture, but I love the elements of wood here and though I’m not sure Dave (or the landlord) would be up for such a dramatic wall in the house, I’m hoping to recreate the feeling it inspires. Also, I’ve got an old rickity ladder like the one in the picture above, and it’s my favorite. (source)

If you’ll recall this little post about believing me on Fridays, you may be hesitant to put much stock in my grand weekend plans. But I’ve already inlisted help with the ‘new pillows’ thing. And the no-tv-for-ten-days thing really helps me to not watch 14 movies in two days. Now if I can only find a way to not take several naps…

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