It’s 2011! For me, this means a lot of things. I have my eyes set on some really cool things including that non-profit organization idea I told you a little about, a fun e-course about blogging (through Red Velvet Art… shoutout to Springfield, MO!), some SERIOUS health goals, and some miscellaneous personal goals. Some of the things I’d like to accomplish this year are already on my Project Life List… so I’ll leave them over there. But, this is the list of goals specifically for this year.

– Quit complaining! One of my online pet-peeves is the semi-trendy, “FML” which stands for F-word-I-don’t-use My Life. I am not a fan of this for several reasons. The biggest reason of all being how complainy it is. And if it bothers me when other people do it, why do I believe it’s ok when I’m griping about something? No more! 2011 shall see a new side of me.

– Make new friends. I’m shy, but I also love being around people. What does this mean? It means I want people to be my friend, but I don’t act like it. So… this year, I’m going to act like it.

– Learn three songs on the piano. My dad was able to tune my piano while he was here over Christmas and I am itching to use it! THIS IS A BIG DEAL. I took lessons for a few years when I was fairly young and I never got the hang of it. This year, I really really want to get the hang of it. (This song is first on my list: It Might Be Hope by Sara Groves.)

– Make art. I know I already do this some. But I want to do more. I make little projects all the time, but my art making has been on a downhill slide lately. 2011, get ready to see some more art coming out of these fingers.

– Be the world’s best wife. This might be tricky, as it’s impossible to rate such a thing, but I’ve at least got something to shoot for. This is actually about 7,000 little goals that will all add up. Some harder than others. Not complaining will definitely raise my game-piece on the best wife ever chart, as well as ‘don’t throw a fit if Dave asks you to start a load of laundry.’ Baby steps.

– Start a new blog! (This is already in the works… and why I’m taking the blog love e-course.) Blogging has become my love affair, to put it dramatically. I love this little creative space I’ve got here, and I plan to keep it up for a very long time. I started it a couple years ago as a way to keep friends and family living FAAAR away up to date, post some behind the scenes content about my art, and keep my love for creative non-fiction alive. Yes, creative non-fiction is something I love. Who doesn’t?! But, what I don’t love is the fact that it’s a seriously scatter-brained site. My content is all over the place. And really, I do plan to keep ‘rest on me’ alive and well, but I need a more organized space to start up the business side of blogging. Think of this page as the backside of the mullet and the new page as the front side of the mullet.

Thanks for a great 2010, friends. Here’s a quick recap of the year. Ups and downs were many. Goals were reached, new friends were made, I broke and sprained an ankle, and sprained the other one too, I went to Haiti, I learned that I was made for adoption, I experienced a new feeling of home for Nashville during the flood, I learned a lot about patience and even got some, I went to Bonna-flippin’-roo for free, I was given more than I deserve, I loved a lot, I picked up a new art skill, I learned some more about patience and dealt with a heavy blow, I started a million new projects, and developed a brand new passion. I’d say that’s a solid 12 months.


One thought on “TwentyEleven

  1. Steph! Your goals are awesome and you will have a great 2011. I am a complainer too or least when I start complaining it doesn't stop- and one of my goals is to have a more positive outlook. 🙂 and be as happy as I can.

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