Christmas Music

I happen to be married to a music snob. He doesn’t prefer that terminology, but that’s what he is and I’m here to call a spade a spade. He feels very strongly against most Christmas music. His thought is that no matter how many different things you do to the same songs, they’re still the same ol’ songs and it’s not interesting or unique enough. Somehow his logic doesn’t account for his distaste for newly written Christmas songs and/or distaste for the old classics either… but that’s his highly trained musical opinion, and as scroogy as it may be, he’s entitled to feel that way.

However, we agree 100% about one Christmas album. It’s just good. It’s excellent, in fact. It’s a musician that Dave had the pleasure of working with (on that album actually!) and still has a great deal of respect for. It’s the O Holy Night album by Sara Groves. I’ve talked about her on this blog before. She’s a musical genius, in my opinion, but it’s still easy to listen to. Her phrasing is amazing, her lyrics are deep and personal, and she’s super nice.

Also (!!!) you can hear Dave singing some gang vocals in the background of the album, which is a total bonus!

If you’re in a place financially this year to spend a little money on a new Christmas album, Dave and I recommend this one (you can get it here on iTunes for $9.99.) The music snobs in your family may even enjoy it.

This is the title track from the album. O Holy Night. Listen closely to the lyrics of this song. Some of my favorite lyrics of all time, definitely my favorite Christmas song lyrically. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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