About the Man

A while back, I posted a lot of random things about myself so you could get to know me better. Today I’m doing that again. Except it’s about my husband, whom you really should get to know.

– Timely: Dave refuses to admit that he is sick when, in fact, he is sick. His voice is about 2 octaves lower right now and he can’t breathe through his nose. But he is. not. sick. dadgumit.
– He’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. He doesn’t ever complain about working 90 hours a week. I work 40 and I’m all like, “ugh, I never have any time to do fun stuff. I’m always at work!”
– He’s very proud of the shape of his fingernails. He likes, “how they go all the way to the edge.”
– He can sing the whole Ninja Turtles rap by Partners in Kryme.
– He WILL sing the whole Ninja Turtles rap if it comes up in conversation.
– He loves to ruin a picture by being ridiculous. These ridiculous pictures make the world a better place.
– In the morning, when he is half asleep, he loves to talk about the weird dreams he’s just had. His half-asleepedness turns each explanation into a 10 minute long far too detailed description of each specific part of the dream.
– When I was in middle school (before Dave and I knew each other very well) I had 3 dreams that Dave rescued me from different things. 2 tornadoes and one flood.
– He’s a super fun uncle. One day he’ll be a super fun dad.
– Mr. Hagen really enjoys a good cliff to jump from. He’s quite the daredevil.
– One year he got a remote control plane for his birthday in November. At the beginning of December he asked for a remote control helicopter. Because a helicopter is so much different than a plane.
– He LOVES his career in the music business. He’s realized some pretty amazing dreams in the past few years, he’s had some pretty crazy schedules, he’s worked with some really cool people, and he’s learned a lot. His passion for his work makes me proud and excited for him. And jealous, but we won’t get into that here.

– He knows the quickest way to make me angry. And he uses it because he thinks it’s funny. It is not funny. But sometimes it IS funny. He’s the only person who can make me laugh by making me mad. It’s not fair play.

– When he’s bored, he starts little projects and obsesses over them until they are finished and working correctly. We are the same in that.

– We do NOT work well together on little projects (staining fences, for example.) Sometimes we forget this and work together on something. Quickly we remember.

– He lost his wedding ring in the lake a couple summers ago and spent an unhealthy amount of time at the bottom of the lake looking for it. So long that his ears became swollen and sore for a few days because of all the pressure change. He never found it.

– In the middle of the night, he sometimes talks in his sleep and says really funny or really frightening things. Like, “why are you here?” or “spoon with me.”

– He can eat so.much.food. Especially breakfast food. He loves the fact that IHOP has unlimited pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns for $4.99. He would love to tell you about it if given the chance.

– He’s always wanted to adopt, but I didn’t know until we were in Haiti and he casually brought it up.

– It’s hilarious to watch him try on a pair of shoes at the store. I can’t even explain it other than, he’s very thorough in his trying on.

– Best snuggler ever.

– He reads my blog. Love you Davie! All your rotten obnoxiousness, all your goofy faces, and all your other stuff.


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