Saturday was Oktoberfest in Music City. Oktoberfest means beer and lederhosen for a lot of people. I don’t actually care for beer and I don’t have the figure to pull off lederhosen. Though after seeing several people wearing them this weekend, I can quite confidently say I don’t want to. It’s just not a good look, you know? This guy made it work, though. I think the wind-up monkey helps.

When nearly all of your friends have children, you end up standing in line for pony rides instead of lines for beer. I much prefer the pony line; there is considerably less f-bomb and considerably more giggling. It pays to be friends with parents.

And instead of the normal sauerkraut and bratwurst treat that many people were interested in, I treated myself to a Sampson’s Darkest Dark truffle. Ok, maybe 2. I found a new Nashville crush. His name is The Cocoa Tree. I’m not generally a sucker for sweets, but truffles make me weak in the knees. And cheesecake. And Dr. Pepper. But generally I’m not. I’d love to go back and try Hazel’s Salted Caramel and Julie Anna’s Orange. TRUFFLES, guys! Alright, I just had to get that out of my system.

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