I Totally Made This

I’ve not been shy about the fact that sewing is NOT my thing. I like nearly every form of art and crafting that I’ve been able to try, but sewing is my Achilles heel. Just ask the 4 pair of unfinished Christmas pajama pants under my craft table.

But last week, I made not one, but two completely functional, completely cute, completely… complete projects.

This cheery little tote…
For which I got the compliment, “that bag makes you look like you’re in a good mood.” I’ll take it.

And yesterday I made a CD holder for my car visor. Because I’m a really fancy person who owns a car with a CD player now (no big deal) I needed one. This was a great project to use up scraps. Pardon my picture taking skills. It’s really difficult to get a picture of your car visor with a phone. Surprising, right?
Also, let it be noted that the gold striped tape around the outside of the CD holder is a temporary experiment. I have some teal bias tape that will probably take the place of the tape very soon. Thanks to my neighbors Amanda and Lillian for being my moral support while I work through my sewing fears and inabilities. I think maybe one day I could call myself a sewer. One day…

Have you done anything crafty lately?


4 thoughts on “I Totally Made This

  1. haha…I always forget to sign my anonymous comments and then I can't get back to them to edit them. Anonymous, is ME, MOM!!!

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