Feels Like Home

If you’re here for Pin it Forward, welcome welcome! Pull up a seat and stay awhile! My name is steph. I’m just learning to call myself an artist and this little blog is where I pretend to also be a writer.

If you’re a regular here and you have no idea what Pin it Forward is, let me do a quick explanation. Bloggers like to be friends with other bloggers, and this a way we can do that. Victoria of sfgirlbybay and some kind folks from Pinterest got together and decided that a bunch of bloggers should create a chain that gives a little glimpse into what home means for a big bunch of bloggers. One person passes the pinning torch to the next, and there it goes, on down the line. It’s pretty cool. Now it’s my turn to talk about what home means to me.

Home is very much a figurative thing for me; in fact, home has to mean something a little different. And I don’t mind that one bit. This crazy thing happened to my family when I was in the 7th grade which sort of forced us out of our home with little notice. I affectionately call it “the homeless year, ” a title my parents are not so affectionate towards I’m sure. But when my brother and two younger sisters and I sit around and talk about the memories we have from that time, it’s all happiness and hilarity from cabin balconies. We had plenty of places to stay: grandma’s farm, the aforementioned cabin by the lake, a couple of houses that friends were trying to sell, and so on. It was more of an adventure than a misfortune. So the idea of home means lots of things to me besides houses.

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I run the risk of sounding like a crazy hippie here, and I know that, and I’ve come to terms with it.  Music is home.  I’m accustomed to guitars and amps and cords and CD’s filling up the house.  I rather enjoy it sometimes.  I am the only person in my family that doesn’t play a musical instrument.  My dad is a musical genius, in my opinion, my mom play the piano beautifully, my two little sisters are amazing singers, play guitar and/or piano, and my brother sings  and plays guitar.  My husband is an audio engineer (records music), plays several instruments, even proposed to me by writing a song, and we live in Nashville.  Which is nicknamed “Music City.”  So, forgive me if I sound like a hippie when I say music is home.  But it so is.

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