Face First in the Parking Lot

In an interesting turn of events, I am on my back on the couch instead of sitting at my desk today. Friday evening I took a really wrong step in a parking lot and ended up here on the couch. As I was falling, I felt each awful movement inside of my right ankle and thought, “this is broken” as I hit the ground. Turns out, I was right! There’s a chip fracture as well as a sprain on the right ankle and some soreness and bruising on the left ankle.

I’m currently attempting to figure out crutches, which I’m pretty sure will kill me. I have fallen a couple times since the injury because, well, I’m super duper clumsy and have no sense of balance. You know how if you’re hopping around on one foot and you start to fall, you kind of catch yourself with the other foot? Well that’s not a great idea when that foot is having issues.
The biggest problem right now, aside from my growing fear of leaving the house, my painful and swollen foot, and the crutches sitting next to the couch, is that I’m supposed to leave the country in 5 days. I’m not sure how long it will be before I can put weight on it, but right now the thought of hopping around in a country where there is rubble all over the ground, and who knows what else – is kind of terrifying. I believe that God has a purpose in all things… so this injury must fit into that category. It must, it must, it must…

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