Hosting Squatters

Little ideas creep into my head sometimes. They make their beds and hang artwork and plant shrubs around their yards, and they decide to never ever leave because it’s just such a warm and cozy place to live. I’ve become accustomed to these ideas. I’d even go as far as saying that I enjoy their company. They’re always there when I need just one more thing to distract me, just one more project to start. If none of you get that same feeling – it’s kind of like craving a certain food. You just can’t enjoy any other meal until you get a big plate of that one thing you’ve been craving.

One such idea decided to take up residence with me last week while leaving an Arby’s drive-thru. It started as a joke idea between my friend Angie and me because we LOVE the Arby’s ladies. Cheery, sweet, funny, quick service, they call us darlin’!, etc… perfect drive-thru experiences every time. Let me just interject here and say that we get seriously giddy on our lunch breaks. It’s like, our weight-lifting and exercise time in the prison yard wherein we get to smell the fresh air and pretend we’re just like everyone else for just 30 minutes a day. So sometimes we act totally crazy and end up yelling things out the window, or screaming bad Kelly Clarkson songs at the top of our lungs. Anyway, the giddiness of that joke morphed into a serious idea. A small, nesting, squatter idea that wouldn’t consider just passing through. So… here I am…. 4 days later, getting started on the logistics of manufacturing, selling, and the way the world will change because of this lovely idea. I’ve made a prototype on the computer, and I’m considering getting the idea printed and putting it through a trial run. It’s not really a money making scheme and may not be appreciated by the masses the way I imagine it would.

But for now, I’m sitting here chatting with the sweet little guest while we have a cup of tea and talk strategy with one another.


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