This Looks Like Real Art!

I’ve said it before, many times, but I have the greatest friends.  Really.  If there were a competition, I’d win.  

One of my awesome friends is Lillian B.  You can check out her website here.  She took these pictures of my artwork, and I don’t know about you…  but I think these are a little better than my camera phone pictures.
Thanks Lillian! 



Twenty Days

Just realized this morning that it’s been twenty days since my last blog post. This past couple weeks has been busy, but don’t I always say that? Am I the only one who is sick of me saying that? I mean, everyone is busy, right? The month of September was, by far, the busiest week I remember having at my office and trying to get done ELEVEN! projects is just not happening. Not to mention, I volunteered for three more projects. Ahem. I really am a smart person sometimes. Sometimes.
Luckily, I finally had time to get some artwork done this weekend for a silent auction I agreed to help out with. I have a new painted window to submit – along with lots of business cards sitting near, of course. This window is actually my favorite yet and I plan to do many more with the same idea carried through.
Since my digitial camera has been laid to rest, here are some camera phone pictures…I know. I know. Terrible. But, I really like the window, and I want to share! The title of this window is River Stones.

It’s metallic paint!

A Restful Weekend


First, a brief customer service announcement…all 3 of you who commented this weekend are going to be getting a prize. But, please forgive me if it’s not immediate. It will come. Now, on to our regularly scheduled programming.


What do you do when you have about eighty art and design projects going at once (none of which are income sources – I may add), 2 house guests, a dog-sitting arrangement, and a long holiday weekend? Well, I’m so glad you asked. You sit around the house in the midst of the chaos playing video games with your sister, you go to the drive-in theatre for the special holiday weekend triple feature, you have dinner out with friends…twice, and you refine your ignoring skills. (With the exception of feeding the dog of course.)

What do you do Tuesday morning when it hits you that you have done nothing? You panic. You look at facebook for a while, you check over your calendar, you get some good ideas for, you’re not going to believe this, new projects to start and you panic.

I hope your weekend was as restful and as lovely as mine.

Too Much

I’m swamped. Seriously busy.

But I haven’t forgot about the six of you who read the blog!

To reward you, I’m doing ANOTHER giveaway!!! But this one is a secret. I’m not advertising this giveaway anywhere but right here. So, if you want to win a special little prize just post a comment on this blog. Any ol’ comment you want. I’ll draw a random number Tuesday morning, at the end of the long weekend (Hooray hooray for holiday weekends) and you’ll get your surprise in the mail shortly, or in person if you’re here in Nashville.

Shh…don’t tell!