I have briefly blogged about my new craft room in the house we just moved into. It is a wonderful place filled with cubbies and sorting tins and the cutest little push pins. Do you know what it’s missing? This craft table.

I firmly believe that buying this table for my craft area would be a waste of money. But, I also firmly believe that if i won this table, my room would be a magical place. If you feel the same way, pretty please vote for my window at this link. Shameless, yes, desperate, yes, but just look at that table! Sigh.


We Found Our Winner

The number generated on is 7! So that means that Laura is the winner!

Hey Steph!I think this is a fantastic idea! I’d leave the creating up to you. :)Laura Nelson
May 16, 2009 9:44 PM

Congratulations Laura! You and I have already discussed some custom artwork, so you can be expecting your creation soon!

I love to give gifts, so stay tuned to the blog for more giveaways in the future. Thanks to everyone who participated.

A Small Giveaway

There are several blogs that I consistently follow. They sometimes decide to do giveaways, and as soon as I see that – I get VERY excited.

So, I am passing that excitement along to you in honor of the upcoming weekend! I will be giving away something based on the person who wins the drawing – and I’m going to try to make something specifically for the winner. To be entered in the drawing, just leave a comment on this post…and if you have a preference to the type of thing you’d like, or something that you want incorporated into what you win, if you win, put that in the comment!

The winner will be posted on Monday sometime.

Moved In

So, things have been nuts this week. Between appointments with the chiropractor (who is doing amazing work, I must say), cleaning out the apartment, and sticking boxes in the new house, I have been working hard (which the chiropractor is not happy about).

Because it is Friday after lunch and the forecast is ridiculous this weekend (rain, rain, rain, rain, thunderstorms, rain) all I can think about is finally getting things put away in the new house. Right now we have boxes and piles. I’m looking forward to hanging up some art, settling in among new pillows, and reorganizing my very own craft room that does not have to share space with Dave’s very own recording studio. Cables and “gear” do not match the coziness I’m going for.

In the whirlwind of packing and unpacking I found our digital camera! It is very much still broken, but I think with the natural light that our new house gets (yay for windows on both sides of the house!) I may be able to snap a few shots of the “finished corners” of the house.

On a side note – things I have planned for the next couple weeks of blogging…
– an arts and crafts giveaway!
– my first venture into gardening (if it ever stops raining)
hopefully some vacation pics at the end of the month…hooray for May!

Happy weekend friends!