Big Day For Us

This has been quite an exciting day! This morning two great things happened. First of all, I got two hits on my artwork! I’ve been slowly adding new items to my shop ( ) and this morning I got some interest in two of the paintings. They’re not actually sold yet, but someone has shown interest. Quite exciting for my very first attempt at selling artwork.

The second thing today that is oh-so exciting is that Dave got a call from an engineer/producer here in Nashville that asked Dave to help him out in the studio for a couple of days this week. While this is a semi-common occurance for Dave, this engineer/producer is pretty high up the ladder. Name dropping would be a little inappropriate in this venue (and unless you’re in the scene a producer’s name probably wouldn’t mean much anyway), but trust me on this one…he’s a great contact for Dave. He’s worked with some great bands, of whom Dave and I were/are big fans and he’s a great artist that places his faith above his fame.

The Lord has great things in store for us. Sometimes we don’t notice the amazing things going on, but today we have been given to, abundantly.


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