25 Things That Make Me Smile

Today is another busy day, so I am doing a quick little post. Here are 25 things that make me very happy.

  1. Putting on pajamas as soon as I get home from work
  2. Inventing a new recipe that really works
  3. Playing with 2 year olds (and other ages, but I really like 2)
  4. Snuggling up with Dave after several days of him working nights
  5. Sara Groves…her music and passion http://www.saragroves.com/
  6. Flea Markets
  7. Anything craft related. Painting, sewing, doodling…
  8. Friends who try to know me deeper
  9. Best friends who are related to me
  10. Air-conditioning and heat when the outside is not pleasant
  11. Children’s books and illustrations
  12. Traveling to anywhere by any means…cars, airplanes, boats
  13. Microsoft office. Yeah, I’m one of those people
  14. Watching scary movies with friends (not alone!)
  15. Audrey Hepburn movies. Especially Funny Face and Roman Holiday
  16. Cooking foods that also seem like craft projects. taquitos, pizza, ravioli
  17. Songs that hit the right emotion in me at exactly the right time
  18. Nutella
  19. Babies…laughing, crying, sleeping, anything…all babies make me smile
  20. Holidays
  21. Our sponsored girl from Kenya, Bokayo Dida Ejersa
  22. My family always makes me smile, even when I’m crying
  23. Fonts
  24. Helping someone who really needs help
  25. Writing. poetry, short stories, children’s books…etc.

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