Fullness of Grace

“From the fullness of His grace we have received one blessing after another.”
John 1:16

Stated so simply in this verse is one of the most complex truths about Christ that we can ever attempt to comprehend. The phrase, “the fullness of His grace” conjures a beautiful image, doesn’t it? I imagine myself standing face towards the sky, arms thrown out to my side, drinking in the blessings that continue to rain down on me from an overfull cloud. I cannot help but smile when I imagine myself in this place. The warmth and tenderness that I can experience here is like no other.

I think sometimes, as humans, we tire of grace. We become weary of not being able to earn the love of Christ or not being able to justify the blessings we’ve been given. We try our hardest to please him in the manner of man, whirling around being good people not realizing that our best efforts are never going to be enough. Doing what we can to earn our grace is like throwing water into the sky to help God make the rain. He can do it without our meaningless efforts, He does, and He forever will.

Today, I urge you to accept the beautiful, unending power of grace, to remember who the only perfect one is, and to just be under His grace. Take a moment and drink in the blessings that truly are raining down on you.


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